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Have you reviewed the compensation strategy for your organization?  In future newsletter issues, we will explore compensation surveys, salary banding, direct and indirect compensation topics.  

In the meantime, we encourage a look at your equity practices in terms of the Equal Pay Act.  Consider this recent report:

Gender Pay Gap Improvement Slowed During the Pandemic

The pay gap between working women and men overall held steady into 2022, unchanged from a year earlier—signifying a break from the steady improvement seen since 2015, new research shows.

“Because women earn less, on average, than men, they must work longer for the same amount of pay. The wage gap is even greater for most women of color,” according to the National Committee on Pay     

Equity, a coalition of women’s and civil rights organizations.

The latest data on women’s pay presents a mixed picture.

Going into 2022, women earn 82 cents for every $1 men earn when comparing all women to all men—a stat that is unchanged from 2021, according to compensation data and software firm Payscale’s 2022 State of the Gender Pay Gap Report, released March 15.

This “uncontrolled” gender pay gap has improved by 7 cents since 2015, the firm reported, based on responses from nearly 1.6 million people surveyed through the end of last year. Those findings were compared with responses from earlier Payscale surveys.

Women earn less because they are more likely to leave the workforce as a result of social expectations placed on them as mothers and caretakers, heightened by the pandemic, the report noted. Unemployed women also face a disproportionate wage penalty compared to men when they re-enter the workforce.

However, the gender gap narrows considerably when comparing the earnings of women and men with the same or similar job level and title, education, years of experience, industry, and hours worked. Looking at this “controlled” gender pay gap, women are being paid 99 cents for every $1 men make, up a cent from 2021, when Payscale found that women made 98 cents for every $1 that men earned. 

(Society for Human Resources Management, 2022)

News at P&C Recruiting and HR

We are excited to announce that Angie Garcia, based in Illinois and Central America, has joined our P&C Team! Angie has an extensive background in the talent-recruiting sector with a large multi-national firm.  She will be joining us as a Senior Recruiting Specialist in support of our Recruiting Division.  Please join us in welcoming Angie to the P&C Team!

Adrienne Green has departed the P&C team, however, we are delighted that she is joining one of our Denver-based client partners in an HR role. Best wishes to Adrienne!


JOIN US!    

July 20-22: P & C Team annual face-to-face meeting and team training. Montana. Watch our social channels for some fun photos!

Wyoming Mining Association Logo

August 24-25:  Wyoming Mining Association Annual Convention Jackson Hole, WY. P & C Recruiting | HR will be sponsoring, attending, and facilitating a workforce development panel. For more information, visit https://www.wyomingmining.org/2022-wyoming-mining-association-annual-convention/

Nevada Mineral Processors logo

August 26-27: Nevada Mineral Processors – SME Subsection Annual Meeting Reno, NV. P & C Recruiting | HR will be sponsoring and attending. For more information, visit https://www.nevadamining.org/convention/

Nevada Mining Association

September 7-10: Nevada Mining Association Annual Convention Lake Tahoe, NV. P & C Recruiting | HR will be sponsoring and attending. For more information, click here.

Arizona Mining Association

 October 24-26: Arizona Mining Association Annual Convention Loew’s Ventana Canyon Resort,               Tucson, AZ P & C Recruiting | HR will be sponsoring and attending.  For more information, visit

P&C Recruiting and HR Partner Spotlight

The Wyoming Mining Association serves as a unified voice, providing value at a reasonable cost to its membership by communicating, influencing, and promoting issues on behalf of the mining industry.

WMA promotes the mining industry by communicating with elected officials, regulators, educators,       and the public in a credible way that encourages trust and confidence and earns respect as a               reliable source of information on issues pertinent to the industry.

Hot Jobs

  • Fixed Maintenance Superintendent – Alaska
  • Sr. Electrical & Reliability Engineer – Wyoming
  • Environmental Engineer – Missouri

Culture of Involvement

Mining and industrial sector staffing specialist, Christine Francois

We are excited to highlight Christine Francois, Executive Search and Senior Recruiting Specialist with P & C Recruiting. Stay tuned for more details on Christine’s involvement with the Carolina’s Chapter of SME (Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration) as well as PDAC (Prospectors and Developers Assoc. of Canada)! Another example of P & C’s commitment to a #CultureofInvolvement. 

We work for clients and recruit for career opportunities throughout the Americas.


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